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An Export Solution for Grain & Grain Products

Union Pacific and Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS) have joined together to offer Plant-to-Port â€" a transportation and transload service delivering dried distillers grains (DDGs), grain and grain products from the Midwest to Southern California. This first-of-its-kind export program will utilize unit train hopper car shipments to a dedicated UPDS transload facility in Yermo, California. From there, double-stack intermodal trains will transport loaded 40 foot marine containers to Union Pacific served on-dock terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Customers will pay UPDS an all-inclusive price per covered hopper carload that covers the entire Plant-to-Port shipment,  including the following services:  rail shipment to Yermo, CA, empty intermodal container management, transloading from covered hopper to container, intermodal train loading, USDA grain inspection and  loaded container shipment from Yermo to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach,CA. 

Prices listed below are stated in US Dollars Per Carload for the shipment of Dried Distiller Grains (STCC 20-823) shipped in unit train quantities. These all-inclusive prices include the cost of fuel, but do not include any premiums paid to Union Pacific during the Plant-to-Port train slot auction. UPDS will invoice customers at the prices listed below less any customer reservation deposits paid to Union Pacific Railroad at the time the train slot auction closes.

    June, 2012  July, 2012
 Unit Train Type  1 Origin  2 Origins*  1 Origin  2 Origins*
 Origin State  Orgin City Rate per Car   Rate per Car Rate per Car  Rate per Car
IA   Ashton  $7488  $7738  $7422  $7672
 Cedar Rapids  $7610  $7860  $7561  $7811
 Council Bluffs  $7362  $7612  $7318  $7568
  Emmettsburg  $7645  $7895  $7597  $7847
 Ft. Dodge   $7492  $7742  $7445  $7695
Gowrie   $7409  $7658  $7363  $7613
 Grand Jct.   $7402  $7652  $7356  $7606
 Hanlontown  $7609  $7859  $7560  $7810
  Jewell  $7499  $7749  $7452  $7702
Iowa Falls   $7510  $7760  $7463  $7713
  Manly  $7607  $7857  $7559  $7809
 Mason City  $7604  $7854  $7555  $7805
 MN  Lake Crystal  $7804  $8054  $7756  $8006
 Mankato  $7809  $8059  $7761  $8011
  Winthrop  $8200  $8450  $8148  $8398
 NE  Columbus  $7253  $7503  $7211  $7461


  • Two-origin rates will only apply to sweep train pairings approved ahead of time by Union Pacific Railroad.

Conditions of Shipment:

1. Shipments must be made in unit train quantities of 80 carloads with a maximum average loading weight of 96 tons per covered hopper or 7680 net tons per train. Should the weight per train exceed 7680 tons, UPDS will make every effort to maximize container loading weights based on the available loading capacity of the intermodal well-cars. UPDS cannot guarantee availablility of extra  containers when the weight per train exceeds 7680 tons. At 51,000lbs per container, approximately 300 containers will be used for transloading a 7680 ton train. Customer shall be charged $650 per container for every increment of 25.5 tons or less when extra containers are necessary.

2. Rates apply only to shipments made in privately owned or leased covered hoppers to Yermo, CA and 40 foot ocean containers from Yermo, CA to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with the participating ocean carriers listed in Condition 3 below.

3. Customer is responsible for securing bookings with the participating ocean carriers listed below:

  • American President Lines
  • China Shipping
  • COSCO Container Lines Americas
  • Evergreen Shipping Agency
  • Hanjin
  • Hapag Lloyd
  • "K" Line
  • NYK Line

4. At a minimum of two weeks prior to scheduled unit train departure for Yermo, CA, Customer shall communicate origin plant location, booking number(s) and associated ocean carrier(s) and final Los Angeles/Long Beach port locations to UPDS.

5. A sufficient supply of 40 ft containers must be provided by ocean carriers to support the bookings for the inbound DDG train volume. Empty containers will originate at UP’s Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) or as a full unit train from the ocean carrier’s on-dock location. Approximately 300 empty containers will be required to support the transloading of the inbound DDG train.

6. All bills of lading for unit train shipments must include the rate authority of UPLQ 93093 and the train slot voucher number. Customers not utilizing direct EDI for billing unit trains must use our Transload Bill of Lading.

7. Since prices can fluctuate from month to month, please check this page regularly before reserving your train slot. For more information on the Plant-To-Port program, or to participate in the online Plant-to-Port Train Slot auction, please click on this link.

8. UPDS will invoice customers separately for the following accessorial services:

a. Hard Car Unloading.....................................................................................$160.00/hr
b. Fumigation (DMX-7 application)....................................................................Market Rate
c. Use of an additional 40' ocean container on trains exceeding 7680 tons...........$650/container
d. Non-use of Plant-to-Port train ......................................................................$80,000/train

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