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Loup provides creative solutions, innovative technology and reliable expertise to keep your supply chain moving. We offer a wide variety of transportation and logistics solutions, including transloading, logistics and intermodal services, to help our customers achieve their goals. Our logistics experts have extensive rail backgrounds — and they care about finding a solution just for you.

What Happens at Loup?

Loup is where seamless door-to-door transportation solutions are born. It’s where the economies of rail meet the flexibility of over-the-road movements. And it’s where transportation experts find a better way forward for supply chains.

As a subsidiary of Union Pacific, we know how to make rail work for every customer. Our logistics experts have decades of experience that produce unrivaled solutions. We work tirelessly to exceed our customers’ expectations and reduce their total transportation costs. When they win, we win. Solutions live here.

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Why Choose Loup?

At Loup, your challenges inspire our solutions:

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If Cost Is Your Challenge...

We provide the benefits of rail without the investment.

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If Control Is Your Challenge...

Our logistics and shipping solutions keep shipments moving.

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If Complication Is Your Challenge...

Our team has the expertise to streamline your supply chain.

With Loup Solutions, You Can Count On:

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    Safe and efficient

    delivery of your product to market

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    Cost savings

    through the economies of rail and fewer disruptions along your supply chain

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    Spending less time worrying

    and spending more time on the mission-critical components of your business

All of Which Help Your Business Grow.

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