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How Do Logistics Services Work?


Loup has been smoothing out supply chains for decades, so we’ve established proven operating processes that improve the way products are shipped.

We’ve also developed in-house technology that’s different than a typical tracking system. Where many track and trace systems report inaccurate data, ours scrubs that data first, so it is always reliable.

We then take that validated data and report it back to you through an easy-to-use system. Our very own ShipmentVision technology provides user-friendly dashboards and reports that make it easy for you to track every step of your shipment. That means no matter how many stops your product makes between origin and destination, you’ll have total visibility all along the way.


Having reliable data is a huge benefit — but having people to proactively manage delivery of your products takes your benefits to the next level.

When you work with Loup for logistics management, you’ll get an expert dedicated to your account. We’ll coordinate between carriers and across modes, provide constant and vigilant monitoring of your fleet, escalate issues in a timely manner, and solve problems before they arise. We’ll take a magnifying glass to your shipments to fill in all the cracks and smooth out all the wrinkles. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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Improving Your Performance

Together, our people and processes work to improve your company’s performance. With help from our Logistics team, our customers see:

  • Improved transit times
  • Consistent, on-time delivery
  • Reduced transportation costs like demurrage and accessorial charges
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue and market share

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Customized Solutions

Loup has a suite of logistics offerings, from real-time visibility to on-site warehouse management. Our services can be as high- or low-touch as you feel necessary — and we can customize a logistics management solution just for you. We can assist you with:

Shipment Visibility

Our ShipmentVision technology provides accurate, timely data and in-transit visibility across modes. We also provide reports and historical analysis to help manage shipments.

Shipment Management

We take care of rail car waybilling, empty car ordering and fulfillment, shipment monitoring and problem resolution. We can also help you reduce demurrage costs.

Transloading & Distribution

If you rely on Loup transload solutions, we’ll provide the logistics services to ensure you get a seamless transportation solution.

Cross-Border Shipping

We can facilitate customs clearance for cross-border shipments, making for a quicker, easier clearance process.

Total Logistics Management

We provide the staff to manage every aspect of your logistics operation.

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