Supplier Spotlight: ADS Logistics Co, LLC

Released May 17, 2017 Article

When it comes to transloading, ADS Logistics Co, LLC is a jack of all trades: They transload sheet metal in coil form, metal sheets/blanks and bars, ingots, paper rolls, lumber, drywall, pipe, conduit, machinery, plate, slabs, billets, I-Beams, composite railroad ties, and numerous other non-hazardous cargo from boxcars, coil cars, gondolas, flat and center beam cars. For the last four years, they’ve been helping UPDS customers get access to rail through safe and efficient transloading services.

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Realizing Railport Potential: Moving Malt to Key Markets

Released May 10, 2017 Case Study

You might have noticed microbreweries have grown in popularity over the last few years. As the craft beer market has boomed, we’d like to say we played a small part in it.

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UPDS and Fellow Union Pacific Subsidiaries Unite to Celebrate Excellence

Released May 3, 2017 Event

At UPDS, we thrive on finding innovative transportation solutions for our customers, so it’s only fitting that we make a point to celebrate the hard work and ingenuity of the teams who make those solutions happen. We do so at our annual Summit Awards ceremony, which celebrates the previous year’s achievements.

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Market Spotlight: Auto Parts

Released April 27, 2017 Article

Did you know UPDS is the largest auto parts shipper in North America? Every year, our intermodal team delivers 200,000 on-time shipments. With more than 30 years of experience meeting the Just-In-Time demands of the automotive industry, we’re the market leader in intermodal auto parts delivery. Simply put: meeting delivery windows is our specialty.

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Celebrating Transloading in KC: The TDANA Conference

Released April 26, 2017 Event

It’s no secret we’re big fans of transloading here at UPDS. So it’s also no surprise we’re excited to head to Kansas City for the annual Transload Distribution Association of North America (TDANA) Transloading Conference May 2-4.

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Supplier Spotlight: Dassler Domestic Logistics

Intermodal trucking company wins Service Excellence Award for flexibility in a Just-in-Time environment.

Released April 19, 2017 Article

“Small but mighty” is a fitting description for Dassler Domestic Logistics, an intermodal trucking company and valued UPDS supplier based in Louisville, Kentucky. Dassler’s fleet is comprised of just over 100 power units, but it’s their size that allows every person on their team to provide strong service and a personalized commitment to their customers.

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Slashing Demurrage Costs: Leveraging Logistics to Optimize the Supply Chain

When a major chemicals company faced high demurrage charges, UPDS found a way to clear the congestion and cut costs.

Released April 12, 2017 Case Study

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Reducing Transit Time: Bringing Barite to Denver

When a wholesale supplier of drilling fluid was losing business due to excessive transit times, UPDS provided transit certainty.

Released April 5, 2017 Case Study

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UPDS Ships Sand for the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping & Dressage Finals

Released March 29, 2017 Article

Equestrian events and transloading — it’s not a common pairing, but for the 2017 Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping & Dressage Finals, an annual indoor equestrian world championship, it was a recipe for success.

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Delivery Despite the Weather: Restocking Lumber Shelves in Texas

Released March 22, 2017 Case Study

2017 has been a tumultuous weather year — and that weather has taken a toll on supply chains. But at UPDS, we love nothing more than stepping in and saving the day. We’re all about finding a solution when it seems like you’re out of options.

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Market Spotlight: Wind Turbines

Released March 15, 2017 Article

Wind turbine components are large and abnormally shaped, so they can be difficult to ship. But that hasn’t stopped us from giving wind shippers access to rail.

For years, UPDS has teamed up with Union Pacific Railroad to offer the Wind 2 Rail program, a seamless solution for transporting wind components and reaping the benefits of rail.

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Conference Recap: SWARS

Released March 08, 2017 Event

On March 1-2, the UPDS team traveled to Galveston, Texas to attend the Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS) Annual Meeting. This year’s theme was “Poised for Progress,” and many of the speakers addressed what’s ahead for rail shippers.

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We’re Heading to "The Big Easy" for LMC!

Released March 01, 2017 Event

We’re excited to be in New Orleans from March 8-10 attending the 2017 Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation (LMC) Annual Meeting.

Find us at the Thursday night party at the Grand Oaks Mansion — we’d love to chat over beignets and hurricanes. Or, visit us in the exhibit hall at the Union Pacific booth, #1941.

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Market Spotlight: Biodiesel

Released February 22, 2017 Article

Biodiesel ships to destinations throughout North America. In fact, you’ve probably seen the tank trucks traversing the interstates. But trucks aren’t the only way to move biodiesel — rail is a viable option, too. Through transloading, biodiesel moves seamlessly between trucks and trains, so it can ship by affordable rail for the long haul, then truck for final delivery.

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Transloaders: We’re Expanding the UPDS Produce Network

Released February 14, 2017 Article

Transloaders are a key component of the UPDS shipping network. They are responsible for moving products from trucks to trains and back again, and they help us deliver the excellent service on which our customers rely. Our suppliers are truly the service behind our solutions.

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Increasing Capacity and Reducing Costs: Moving Batteries Across the Border

When an international shipper faced escalating costs and limited truck capacity, UPDS developed a cross-border solution to resolve these challenges.

Released February 1, 2017 Case Study

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Supplier Spotlight: Auto Líneas America

Trucking line ALA helps UPDS deliver beyond the tracks and across the border.

Released December 20, 2016 Article

Auto Lineas America (ALA) is a valued UPDS supplier — with a reliable fleet of trucks, they help our Intermodal team pick up and deliver auto parts beyond the tracks. We know they’re reliable, because we’ve been working with them for 20 of the 56 years they’ve been in business. In fact, if you were to step back in the early history of UPDS, you’d learn that ALA actually helped with one of our very first moves.

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Market Spotlight: Produce

Released December 13, 2016 Article

Produce can be sensitive. So when you need a reliable — but economical — way to ship, UPDS has a solution: rail.

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Gaining a Competitive Edge: Moving Wind Power to Distant Markets

When wind turbine shippers wanted a more efficient, affordable way to move their product, UPDS devised a rail-based plan to accomplish their goals.

Released December 6, 2016 Case Study

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Market Spotlight: Pipe

Released November 7, 2016 Article

Are you looking for a better way to ship pipe? UPDS, along with our parent company, Union Pacific Railroad, can help. With a rail-based solution, you can cut transportation costs and ultimately offer more competitive pricing to your customer.

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Supplier Spotlight: IEDS Logistics

Inland Empire Distribution Systems achieves customers’ visions, one transload at a time.

Released November 4, 2016 Article

Located in Spokane and Pasco, Washington, Inland Empire Distribution Systems (IEDS Logistics) has been in the transload business since 1983 — and our relationship with them dates back about as far. When asked how long IEDS Logistics has been working with UPDS, Matt Ewers, Principal & VP Business Development at IEDS said, “For as long as I can remember.”

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Market Spotlight: Lumber

Released October 31, 2016 Article

Lumber shippers: Are you looking for a better transportation solution? If you want an affordable way to extend your reach — or simply a more efficient way to ship your product — UPDS has a solution. With transloading, we can move lumber from trucks to trains and back again, so you can benefit from the economies of rail.

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UPDS Railports Your Gateway to Economical Rail Shipping

Released October 20, 2016 Article

You might already know that the UPDS transload network consists of more than 400 transload facilities spanning the United States. But did you know we invest directly in that network?

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Meet the UPDS Team at NAWLA

Released October 14, 2016 Event

Lumber shippers: Are you going to NAWLA? If so, we’d love to meet up with you! The UPDS team will be attending the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) Traders Market October 26-28 in Las Vegas.

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UPDS Receives 2016 SmartWay Excellence Award

Released October 7, 2016 Article

UPDS is proud to have been honored with a SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an industry leader in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency. UPDS received the award based on its ability to reduce fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gases through innovative transportation offerings. This includes rerouting intermodal shipments to rail terminals closer to customers, which resulted in 31 million fewer ton miles moving on the nation’s highways per year.

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UPDS Team to Attend SWARS

Released October 3, 2016 Event

On October 5-6, UPDS team members will be attending the Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS) semi-annual meeting in Glendale, Arizona. The theme of the meeting is “Making the Rail Pieces Fit,” a subject our team knows a great deal about!

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Achieving Savings Through Rail: Transloading Large Coated Pipe

When a pipe shipper wanted to make pricing more competitive to win a bid in a key inland market, UPDS devised a more affordable transportation plan using rail.

Released September 30, 2016 Case Study

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UPDS Announces Leadership Changes

Released September 23, 2016 Article

UPDS is excited to welcome two new directors to the team: Marty Huff is now general director - Intermodal, and Aaron Evans has been named general director - Carload Solutions.

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