A Day in the Life of a Senior Logistics Manager

Senior Logistics Manager Lori Nicholson
Senior Logistics Manager Lori Nicholson recently retired after 36 years with UPDS and Union Pacific Railroad.

Released September 20, 2017 Article

Meet Lori Nicholson. She served as the Senior Logistics Manager for Carrier and Contract Services at UPDS. We’re excited for the opportunity to feature Lori, since she recently retired! So perhaps we should say this is a day in her former life…

Lori was the leader of the Carrier Services team, which supports off-rail logistics by providing motor carrier and contract services at a competitive price.

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Conference Recap: Railport Operators Conference

UPDS employees and railport operators enjoy time together at the UPDS Railport Operators Conference.
UPDS employees and railport operators enjoy time together at the UPDS Railport Operators Conference.

Released September 13, 2017 Event

At UPDS, transloaders aren’t vendors — they are critical partners in our network. That’s especially true for those who operate our railport facilities. In honor of these hardworking partners, we recently held a conference specifically for railport operators so we could spend some quality time together and ultimately better serve our customers.

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Extending Market Reach With Rail: Shipping Composite Railroad Ties

IntegriTies are made of 100% recycled plastic and can last up to four times longer than wooden ties.
IntegriTies are made of 100% recycled plastic and can last up to four times longer than wooden ties.
When a producer of recycled plastic railroad ties wanted to ship its product to new customers, UPDS provided access to an economical rail solution.

Released September 6, 2017 Case Study

What do hard plastics have to do with railroading? In some places, they are the foundation of the railroad — literally.

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Hurricane Harvey Service Solutions

Released August 31, 2017 Announcement

To Our Customers,

The rain and subsequent flooding in southeast Texas and Louisiana caused by Hurricane Harvey left massive devastation in its wake. We know many of you have been affected personally, as have several of our own employees. We wanted to personally reach out to let you know that we will stand beside you through the recovery efforts that will be taking place over the next several weeks, months and beyond. While we all recover from this unprecedented weather event, we are working with several transload facilities within 250 miles of the Houston area where we can support your supply chain until your locations are once again able to handle rail traffic.

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Event Recap: The FCA Affiliate Rewards Road Tour

The UPDS Intermodal team takes a break from test drives to pose for the camera at the FCA Affiliate Rewards Road Tour.
The UPDS Intermodal team takes a break from test drives to pose for the camera at the FCA Affiliate Rewards Road Tour.

Released August 30, 2017 Event

Confession time: At UPDS, we get a little nerdy about cars. That’s because our Intermodal team helps ship the parts that eventually become finished vehicles.

So we were pretty excited when the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Affiliate Rewards Road Tour rolled into town.

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A Day in the Life of a Business Development Manager

Israel Briseno
UPDS Business Development Manager Israel Briseno helps customers in Mexico connect to rail.

Released August 23, 2017 Article

Meet Israel Briseno. He’s a Business Development Manager for the UPDS Carload Solutions team responsible for developing Mexico markets.

What does that mean? Read on to find out:

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UPDS Named Top 100 3PL Provider by Inbound Logistics

Top 100 Logo

Released August 16, 2017 Article

After hundreds of companies submitted credentials, we’re proud to say UPDS has been named one of the Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Providers of 2017 by Inbound Logistics magazine.

This annual list, compiled by Inbound Logistics editors, celebrates logistics service providers that offer the capabilities and experience needed to meet readers' unique supply chain and logistics needs.

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Customer Spotlight: First Star Recycling

Construction Site
Recycled paper is baled and ready to be shipped from First Star Recycling.

Released August 9, 2017 Article

When you think about recycling, you probably imagine used paper being made back into paper and empty aluminum cans being reused to make, well, more cans. But some pretty interesting materials can be produced from recycled materials.

Just ask Omaha-based UPDS customer First Star Recycling. They collect recycled materials from residences and businesses (including UPDS and our parent company Union Pacific), sort and process them, then ship them off to customers who give them new life. Yes, paper may become paper and aluminum may be reincarnated into another can, but that plastic park bench you sat on the other day? Or your carpet — or even the clothes you’re wearing? First Star customers use recycled materials to make all of those things, too.

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Connecting Construction Sites to Rail

Construction Site

Released August 2, 2017 Article

Have you ever stopped to think about how many materials are delivered to a construction site? Contractors know that in order to get the job done, a very long list of supplies must arrive on time and in the right order. That means the transportation of those materials is critical to the success of the job. But did you know transportation can also help contractors win jobs in the first place?

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Conference Recap: The Soda Ash Open

Released July 26, 2017 Event

For 44 years, the soda ash industry has invited key suppliers, including shipping and logistics companies like UPDS, to join the Soda Ash Open Golf Tournament. This year, UPDS sales team members Krystal Newell and Keith Lee were in attendance and enjoyed time on the greens as well as the Shipper’s Appreciation Steak Fry.

But the trip was about more than recreation; Krystal and Keith also took the time to learn more about how we can provide the best transportation solutions for soda ash producers.

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Thwarting Theft and Damage: Shipping Tequila Safely

When a tequila producer wanted to prevent damage and theft during transit, UPDS found a way to ship it safely by rail.

Released July 19, 2017 Case Study

Tequila can be a tricky product to ship. For one, the containers are glass, so they break easily. Tequila is also a high-value product, making it an attractive target for theft.

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The Benefits of Rail Meet Just-In-Time Delivery


Released July 12, 2017 Article

Recently, Kenny Rocker, vice president and general manager of industrial products for our parent company, Union Pacific, published an article in Building Products Digest about “Last Mile Delivery & the Evolving Rail Transportation Marketplace.” Rocker explains that by providing transloading and forward-staging options, lumber and building supply shippers get the benefits of rail while maintaining the just-in-time delivery their customers require.

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Meet Us at MARS!

Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Logo

Released July 5, 2017 Event

We’re headed to America’s Dairyland July 10-11 to attend the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) 2017 Summer Meeting. Held at the Grand Geneva Report & Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, we’re excited to hear from rail industry leaders about “What’s coming down the tracks for rail shippers,” this year’s conference theme.

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