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Supplier Spotlight: Auto Líneas America

Trucking line ALA helps UPDS deliver beyond the tracks and across the border.

Released December 20, 2016 Article

Auto Lineas America (ALA) is a valued UPDS supplier — with a reliable fleet of trucks, they help our Intermodal team pick up and deliver auto parts beyond the tracks. We know they’re reliable, because we’ve been working with them for 20 of the 56 years they’ve been in business. In fact, if you were to step back in the early history of UPDS, you’d learn that ALA actually helped with one of our very first moves.

A Reliable Trucking Network

ALA Truck left

ALA helps UPDS pick up and deliver auto parts to their destinations in the United States and Mexico, serving intermodal ramps in Port Laredo, Salinas Victoria and Escobedo, San Luis Potosí, Silao, Puerta Mexico in Toluca, Pantaco and Guadalajara. They provide cross-border service from the United States through Laredo, Colombia and Matamoros to any place in Mexico.

With carrier yards for staging containers close to our customers’ facilities, including Nuevo Laredo, San Luis Potosí, Salamanca, Celaya, Queretaro, Guadalajara, Mexico City and five in Monterrey, ALA helps UPDS provide the just-in-time service our intermodal customers require.

ALA also developed an EDI feed that sends real-time events to our technology platform ShipmentVision, so we always know the time, place and activity of our containers.

Facing Challenges Together

ALA Truck right

This past year, ALA helped UPDS through one of our most unique challenges to date. While an intermodal shipment was en route to a destination ramp at a plant in Toluca, UPDS learned protesters had camped out on the tracks between San Luis Potosí and Mexico City — which meant there was no way our train could pass through the corridor. As a result, UPDS had to call the train back and ground the containers. But we still had to find a solution to hold up our commitment to our customer.

So we called ALA. In very little time, together we formed a new network so we could make good on our deliveries. ALA quickly adjusted their fleet to provide long-haul moves between San Luis Potosí and Toluca — an area they didn’t traditionally serve. They also dedicated more than 80 drivers to make the deliveries. All the while, they kept in constant contact with the UPDS team, providing current location information and ETAs on every single container every two hours, so that we in turn could provide consistent updates to our customer.

A Seamless Operation

In working with the ALA drivers, logistics team, customer service and a strong management team, we were able to avoid expedites and meet our customers’ needs. In a moment’s notice, ALA was able to take on an operation of this size and make it work seamlessly — and for that, we (and our customer) were very thankful!

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