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Coming Soon: ShipmentVision Capacity Manager

Kenny Rocker announces the new Capacity Manager
Kenny Rocker announces the new Capacity Manager functionality at the Petrochemical Supply Chain & Logistics conference in Houston

Released December 13, 2017 Announcement

Exciting enhancements are coming soon to our advanced shipment tracking platform, ShipmentVision. Starting this spring, Loup will offer Capacity Manager, a new functionality that gives customers unprecedented visibility to their inbound rail cars across all rail carriers. Capacity Manager is being rolled out now on a limited basis and will be available for a wider audience in early 2018.

Staying Ahead of Customer Needs

Capacity Manager was designed in direct response to a need our counterparts at Union Pacific Railroad identified in the marketplace, particularly for plastics customers: With expected increases in production, these customers would have more and more rail cars headed to their facilities. In order to properly manage their inbound capacity and keep product flowing smoothly, they’d need to know how many rail cars would be arriving each day and what that means for their pipeline.

Knowing this challenge was ahead for their customers, the Union Pacific team came to their resident logistics experts at Loup with an important question: How could we give customers a way to better manage their inbound capacity?

The answer: Capacity Manager. This new functionality offers:

  • Enhanced ability to control pipeline health
  • Visibility across rail carriers in a single view
  • Optimized ETAs
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • ‘Health check’ indicators for proactive decision-making, including:
    • Rail capacity utilization metrics
    • Real-time inbound inventory assessment
    • Automated notifications based on pipeline levels

With Capacity Manager, customers can better manage their inbound capacity, plan proactively, and identify and resolve pipeline challenges. And our plastics customers? Together with Union Pacific, we are able to help them take in additional product without pipeline disruption.

Loup is very excited to have worked in tandem with our counterparts at Union Pacific to bring this solution to the marketplace and proactively resolve the challenges we see ahead for our customers.

Introducing Capacity Manager to the Market

Capacity Manager was first introduced to the market at the Petrochemical Supply Chain & Logistics conference in Houston, Texas, where Union Pacific vice president of industrial Kenny Rocker announced the new functionality.

“With expected increases in plastics production and facility expansion across the heavily-utilized Texas Gulf rail network, Union Pacific and Loup have collaborated to enhance the ShipmentVision platform with additional tools that promote supply-chain fluidity," Rocker said. “Capacity Manager will improve pipeline health for these customers and more, regardless of industry."

For more information on Capacity Manager and how to get started, contact your Union Pacific or Loup sales rep or email us at

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